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In Africa and the Middle East, the life sciences sector is experiencing rapid growth, with an increasing demand for health-related products and services. Currently, governments and private investors in this region are investing in the development of healthcare infrastructure, research and innovation, as well as the training of qualified healthcare professionals to meet the growing demands. This poses a real challenge as available human resources are often limited in Africa and the Middle East, and the distribution of healthcare products in rural areas is complex.

To support the development of our clients, it is essential for them to surround themselves with top experts: manufacturers, distributors, managers, supervisors, and more. We seek profiles and partners who possess operational expertise and technical knowledge across the entire value chain of this sector, from research and medical knowledge to pharmaceutical production and distribution.

Our expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of the scientific landscape in Africa and the Middle East allows us to optimally meet the recruitment needs of our clients, taking into account regional and cultural specificities. We are capable of recruiting international talents for key positions in these regions of Africa and the Middle East. We actively listen to the needs of businesses and are committed to providing personalized and innovative services to meet their requirements. This includes tailored advice and follow-ups, innovative services, and the latest sourcing technologies to recruit the best talents.


Specialized teams in Life Sciences Recruitment

Our consultants specialize in recruiting talents for the life sciences sector in Africa, the Middle East, and internationally. We have proven expertise in identifying skilled professionals for positions in research, development, and production of health-related products, medicine, and life sciences in general.

Life sciences office

Our expertise in recruitment

Internationally, we
recruit on behalf of:

  • Biopharmaceutical companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Research organizations and institutions
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Clinical research organizations (CROs)
  • Healthcare consulting firms
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Academic institutions
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs)
  • Diagnostic companies
  • Nutraceutical companies
  • Veterinary pharmaceutical companies

Our references

The roles for which we recruit include:


Medical Director, Scientific Director, Medical Operations Manager, Medical Science Liaison (MSL), Medical Affairs Manager, Medical Information Manager, ...


Clinical Operations Manager, Preclinical/Clinical Studies Manager, Clinical Trials Manager, Clinical Project Manager, ...

Medical& Paramedical

Specialist Doctors and Surgeons, Autonomous Occupational Health Doctors, Pharmacists, Operating Room Manager, Radiology Technician, Nurse, ...

Engineering & Industry

Engineering Manager, Process Manager, Maintenance and New Works Manager, Industrial IT Manager, Operations Director, Production Manager, ...

Purchasing& Supply Chain

Demand Planning Manager, S & OP Manager, Logistics Manager, Purchasing Manager, Procurement Manager, Category Manager, Buyer, ...


CEO, Operations Director, Clinic Director, Nursing Home Director, HR Director, Development Director, Commercial Director, Marketing Director, Finance Director, ...

Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Director/Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control Manager, Control Laboratory Manager, Technician, Quality Director, Quality Assurance Manager, Operational Excellence Manager, Quality System Manager, Quality Engineer, Quality Officer, ...


Sales Director, Regional Director, Sales Manager, Sales Representative, Business Development Director, Patent & Property Manager, Technology Analyst, Data Manager, ...


Marketing Director, Group Manager, Therapeutic Unit Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Market Access Director/Manager, Business Analyst, ...

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